"Change Your Brain ... Change Your Playing!"

STOP! - Forget Everything You’ve Heard About How Learning Guitar is "Hard" …
“It Seems Incredible That a Series of Seemingly Child-Like Drills Can Transform Your Guitar Playing In Less Than 90 Days ... 

 ... All Without Touching the Guitar!”
YES.  It’s true.  A new kind of guitar practice, based on the latest in brain research, represents a major breakthrough for guitar players of all ability levels.

Practicing the old way takes too much time. Read on to see how you can ‘unleash ‘the guitar savant within’ by engaging your brain in “super learning” techniques . . .
From: Michael J. Lavery
Creator, Whole Brain Guitar

Dear Fellow Guitarist,

If you’re looking for a new way to practice guitar because you feel you’ve “hit the wall,” or if you’re frustrated with the speed of your progress, then I have a little-known, “outside the box” solution that delivers stunning results for anyone who tries it.

Warning: What I'm about to show you may sound like science fiction, but it's actually cutting edge science from the new millennium.  And it can accelerate your guitar playing in ways that will absolutely astound you. 

By the time you finish reading this letter, you not only will understand WHY you feel may have hit a plateau on your guitar journey, but you’ll know exactly HOW to play pretty much as well as you want – even if that doesn’t feel possible right now.

First of all, I want you to drop any preconceived notion you have about any sort of talent "ceiling" you may think you have. I also want you to put aside whatever image you may have of what "proper practice" means . . . or whether or not you have "natural talent" . . . or whatever you may have been told you "should" be doing.
You'll soon see that there are almost NO limits to what you can achieve with the guitar. And I say that from a realistic — even scientific — perspective.  And I've used my unusual methods to easily memorize and play more than 250 songs.  I'll show you can do this, too.
First, I want to warn you: This is somewhat of a long letter, because I want you to have all the information you need to really understand what these remarkable discoveries can do for you. If I could tell you in a single page, believe me, I would.

I’ll make this promise to you, however:  What I’m about to share in this letter is nothing short of fascinating. What’s more, reading it could represent a complete revolution in your guitar playing (and even your life, if I might say so), and will be well worth the few minutes it will take.
How can I make such bold promises?  Simple ...
I have developed a series of three straightforward training drills that allow you to instantly unlock the "guitar god within" — even if you consider yourself a raw beginner without a musical bone in his entire body.
This means you will soon be able to ...
  • Play your favorite songs you may have previously considered “over your head.” …
  • Develop an uncanny, intuitive “feel” for the fretboard you never had before, opening up new vistas and playing opportunities ...
  • Advance more rapidly to the next level, without the usual struggle and frustration ...
  • And more ...
The best part is, you don't actually have to learn anything new on guitar to experience these benefits.

Not only that, these techniques— which at first might seem so simple you'll laugh — can give you benefits in other many other areas of your life, including your health and mood and overall mental sharpness.

I've personally learned to play more than 250 songs using this method.  And my increased creativity has led me to write my own music and expand into other artistic endeavors.

But more important is what this will do for YOU.  So let's get started ...
Okay, tell me if this isn’t a little weird …
All right, what if I told you that the single biggest key to accessing the “guitar god within” could be unlocked with a simple hammer, a ballpoint pen, and a little white golf ball?

I know, crazy, right?

Well, you have no idea . . .

My name is Michael J. Lavery (aka “The Hammer Man” – you’ll see why in a second).

Before I started showing musicians like yourself how to accelerate the process for learning guitar and master songs they previously thought impossible, I got famous for some strange things.

Here’s what happened . . .

Years ago, I found out that scientists all over the world had quietly been making mind-blowing discoveries about the human brain that have completely transformed our view about what is possible in terms of physical and mental achievement.

And then I spent nearly 20 years applying those newfound breakthroughs in some astonishing ways:

For example, I taught myself eye-popping feats of hand-eye coordination, including bouncing a golf ball off the rounded edge of a ball peen hammer a world record 481 times without a miss.

I even made it to the David Letterman show.  Check this out …
Here I was on Late Night with David Letterman:
A funny thing happened before I went on stage
in front of America that night ...
No one in the audience knew this at the time, but Dave actually had everyone on his staff try bouncing a golf ball with a hammer earlier in the day just to see if anyone could do it.

No one could.   That’s why you can hear Dave himself in the video kept saying, “Can’t be done.  Can’t be done.”

Which is why the crowd erupted in applause when I proved him wrong — it certainly looks like a difficult feat.

But at the risk of “pulling back the curtain” and upstaging myself, let me tell you that anyone can do that trick with a little practice.  It’s actually not a “trick” at all, but a reliable result of training your brain in ways that I’m about to show you.

Let me say that again, in different words:
Every feat that may seem impossible to you now — whether it’s bouncing a golf ball off the tiny head of a claw hammer or mastering mind-blowing solos on guitar — is not only possible for you today ...

... but becomes predictably inevitable when you train your brain the right way.
I have a method of teaching that lets others duplicate that feat and more, such as training your brain to play chord progressions you once thought were impossible, or memorize lyrics that once seemed daunting.

You'll find yourself effortlessly playing things you once considered too complex.  You'll gain more confidence and tackle more difficult songs.  And your friends will begin looking at you in an entirely different light.
“Dude!" they'll say ... "When did you learn to play like THAT?!"

You see, bouncing certain balls off mallets and hammers, when combined with other brain-enhancing activities I’ve devised, not only increases ambidexterity, but also:
  • Rewires the brain to enable “super learning,” meaning you can soak up new guitar skills without struggling.
  • Awakens previously dormant regions of the brain, accelerating your capacity to play chords and scales you once thought were out of reach.
  • Greatly increases hand strength and finger dexterity, allowing you to bend heavier strings for a richer sound and quicker movement. 
  • Triggers naturally occurring hormones and neuro-chemicals that can elevate your mood and sharpen your focus. 
  • Skyrockets your memory skills, letting you strum and sing remembered lyrics with ease.  (If you’re middle aged or older, this means no more stumbling for that elusive lyric on the word on the tip of your tongue or struggling to remember that new strum pattern.)
  • Balances both hemispheres of your brain so that your two hands can “talk to each other” as you play faster and with less frustration.
  • Increases your motivation so that you want to practice more.
  • And more ...
How A ‘Fool Stunt’ Landed Me on ESPN ...
... And Into the Guitar Studio with a Guitar In My Lap ...
Before I tell you why playing guitar can be so difficult — and what you can do about it — let me tell you the fascinating story of how I discovered these radically effective concepts.

Before a major newspaper called me a “modern day prophet on brain power,” I was something of an unlikely Renaissance Man ...

I graduated from Amherst with a Fine Arts degree, and then briefly played minor league baseball for the Toronto Blue Jays.

If that sounds like an unlikely combination, well, welcome to my life ...

My breakthrough discoveries in guitar began with a tennis racket, strangely enough.

At the time, I was a very good tournament player but I was frustrated because of my relatively weak backhand.

One day, while playing a casual match, I chased a ball hit wide to my backhand side.  In desperation,  and without really thinking about it, I threw my racket over to my other hand unconsciously and hit a left-handed forehand winner down the line. My opponent stood in shock. He couldn’t have been more surprised if I had snapped my fingers and turned into a leprechaun!

And then I had a crazy idea: Why not ditch the backhand and learn how to hit a left-handed forehand all the time instead?

In other words, play with either hand ... ambidextrously!
I didn’t realize it at the time, but I had just stumbled upon 
one of the greatest keys to unlocking musical genius
This did not happen overnight.  In fact, it took some real effort, because it turned out that ambidexterity alone was not enough to completely transform my game.

Of course, everyone thought I was crazy.  More than a few people laughed or dismissed my efforts when they saw how much I struggled to hit the tennis ball cleanly at first with my left hand.

Then one day a resident neurosurgeon I happened to know watched me play and said:

“Do you realize that you are rewiring your motor cortex?”

He knew me only as a right-handed player, and now he could see my metamorphosis.

He told me about an emerging field of brain science called neuroplasticity, which basically is the brain’s ability to rewire itself in unforeseen – miraculous, even – ways.

It turns out the brain is not the inflexible, hard-wired machine that doctors had assumed for centuries. The reality is that the brain will literally remap itself to adapt stiff challenges such as learning guitar.

Because scientists are now able to see previously unseen brain activity by using modern-day brain imaging equipment, we now know that when you develop ambidexterity you unlock a flood of cross-hemisphere neural activity creates a super learning environment for guitar.
    Guitar Acceleration Secret No. 1
    Realize that the most important instrument is not your guitar, but your brain — your whole brain.

    When you develop both sides of your brain with some simple drills, your playing skill will exponentially raise because of all the bilateral brain activity.

    Listen to me explain in this 47-second audio clip. Click the "Play" button below:

    Before I Show You The Actual Drills, Listen to What Happened Next ...
    Now I was on fire to learn everything I could about brain plasticity. I researched like a madman because I could already tell that my left-handed forehand was improving noticeably.

    I then devised a simple but ingenious program that incorporated three types of “brain practice” that were proven to grow and maximize key regions of the brain associated with developing complex skills.
    How to access the “Holy Grail” of musical success with a ballpoint pen (whaaaat?)
    While I had made good progress with my left-handed tennis, at some point I felt like I had reached a plateau. I’d hit “The Wall,” something guitar students know all too well.

    Since I was so driven to master this two-handed tennis thing, I was determined to find a way to get over this plateau and ramp up my progress to the next level.

    I found the answer with a pen and a blank sheet of paper.

    Did you know that Leonardo da Vinci, one of the most creative minds in history, practiced longhand writing with his non-dominant hand? That’s because opposite-hand writing – particularly mirror writing, which is a truer ambidextrous method, is the cornerstone to rewiring the brain.

    (By the way, the list of ambidextrous masters in all fields is a long one, including Michelangelo, Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, Kurt Cobain, and Paul McCartney among others.
      Guitar Acceleration Secret No. 2
      Practicing cursive penmanship with your non-dominant hand naturally unlocks a flood of cross-hemisphere brain activity that ignites talent at an astonishing rate if you do it correctly

      I can hear you saying, "Michael, penmanship? Really? Are you kidding me?"

      Yes, really!  

      When you practice mirror image cursive handwriting the way I teach it, you are tapping into one of the oldest, most proven secrets of creativity and musical achievement.

      This is real.  Listen why in this 1-minute clip:.
      And then, just a few short weeks after I began
      my opposite-hand penmanship, it suddenly — and shockingly —happened ...
      Not long after I began a simple series penmanship drills, I noticed that not only was my left-handed tennis game improving, but my right-handed shot-making was going through the roof!

      In other words, both sides of my brain were now teaching each other. (CLUE!!)

      I began serving left-handed aces. Crushing left-handed winners. I began dominating other tennis players who used to beat me regularly.

      Can you imagine how great it felt to blast forehand winners with my left hand when my opponents were expecting me to hit a routine backhand?

      I’ll be honest – it felt crazy good!
      I knew I was onto something, so I asked myself:
      If these techniques worked in tennis,
      would they work in a sport I didn't play?
      Everyone said no. So I took up left-handed golf.

      At 43 years old, I was still a raw beginner at the game. But I was buoyed by my new discoveries.

      I added even more elements to my whole brain training to see if these “super learning” techniques could be accelerated.

      I started playing a lot of golf with my good friend Rolly White. He took me around the course and I would shoot scores around 110.

      One day, after finally breaking 100, I said to him over lunch, “I really think it is possible for me to become a scratch golfer.”

      He let out a loud laugh and said, “Michael, I’ve been playing for 30 years and my handicap is 15. You’ve been playing for four months and you think you have a shot at playing scratch golf?”

      I shrugged my shoulders and just smiled. And then I got to work.

      I started by mimicking Tiger Woods in his famous Nike commercial by learning to bounce a golf ball on the face of a sand wedge – hundreds of times per day.

      This was more than a cool parlor trick – I was rewiring my brain to develop superior hand-eye coordination, build hand strength, and unleash a torrent of natural, skill-enhancing brain chemicals.

      Then I tried bouncing a golf ball with a hammer. That led to using a hammer in each hand. Which led to bouncing golf balls off the rounded end of a ball peen hammer (535 consecutive times if you can believe it!), and then finally to using sledgehammers.

      I got so good that the Stanley Tool Company asked me if they could use me in one of their promotions. I even made ESPN's "Top 10 Plays of the Day" when I recorded 3,293 consecutive hits with a Stanley 16 claw hammer.

      That led to my appearance on “The Late Show with David Letterman.” Now that was a rush, but nothing would compare to the satisfaction of knowing that I had found a system that allowed me to master any skill I chose – all with a host of side benefits and health benefits that confirmed what I knew all along.

      Here's How Working With Hammers Will
      Revolutionize Your Guitar Play:
      Simply put, you'll build muscle strength and density in your fingers, making the guitar feel light and nimble in your hands.

      Let me ask you something. Do you know why Slash can rip out the licks he does? It's because he has incredibly strong fingers and hands!  

      When you increase your hand strength, you can begin to push around strings (even heavy strings) like a hot knife through butter. It gives your guitar playing unprecedented speed and grace.

      Here, let me show you . . .

      This is me playing a Joe Walsh-type riff with a heavy gauge string on my '71 Les Paul Custom.

      Watch my fingers carefully in this 18-second video clip:
      Notice the vibrato I'm able to create by all the bending, hammering on and sliding? 

      I simply couldn't do that without really strong fingers.  

      My hammer drills will give you this ability in a very short amount of time.
      Your voicings will sing out with renewed power.  Your increased tensile strength will pump up all your vibratos, hammer-ons, pull-offs and any other maneuver you make.

      When you begin training previously neglected parts of your brain the correct way, certain key regions of the brain literally remap themselves with new capabilities that inspire genius and talent beyond expectation.

      Think of it this way: The right hemisphere, or the “creative side,” is a largely untapped resource for the vast majority of the world.

      But not for you. Not anymore. 

      (Does my "Whole Brain Power" method really give you more strength without lifting weights? Well, see that picture to the left? That's me with a 10-pound sledgehammer, fully extended with one arm — try it sometime!)

      Let me show you how to harness the most powerful instrument we have ever known: the human brain.  

      Here are just a few others who have benefited from my system ...
      I helped a 23-year-old man win a $20,000 chess tournament.
      I regularly consult with Pat Venditte, Sr, the architect of the ambidexterity pitching movement in baseball today. His son Pat Jr. is the first full-time switch pitcher in major league history (Oakland Athletics.) 
      I helped Chuck Mellick, another ambidextrous pitcher who worked toward becoming the only man in history to be able to pitch more than 90 mph with either hand.
      I’ve trained everyone from business professionals aiming to break sales goals to senior citizens looking for increased mobility and sharper mental focus.
      More than anything else, it's GUITAR that my program receives some of its most exciting results.

      Listen to Dr. Craig McQueen, an orthopedic surgeon, describe his progress just two months after using my Whole Brain Power system:

      Michael, I am serving well left-handed and doing a lot of mirror image writing. My guitar playing is better than ever. The changes in my life have been nothing short of miraculous. Thanks again.

      —Dr Craig McQueen
      Here I am featured in a news video from the Orange County Register.  You'll see that guitar is just one of several skills that can be magically improved with a little practice:
      Would You Like to Tap Into these Same Proven Methodologies to Finally 'Get Over the Hump' with the Guitar?
      The bad news is that learning guitar can be maddeningly difficult.

      But the good news is that the guitar and your brain are a neurological match made in heaven.

      Learning a guitar is like learning a new language – except in addition to having to learn a whole new language (chords, notes, scales, etc.), you also have to master all sorts of other new tasks simultaneously.

      From simply holding the guitar and learning how to strum . . . to singing memorized lyrics in tune and learning to play in rhythm at the same time . . . to learning how to physically manipulate the strings themselves and perform with real emotion . . . well, the list of seemingly difficult tasks appears endless.

      No wonder so many people quit the guitar before they get any good!

      However, when you employ the super learning techniques you enable with my "Whole Brain Power" drills, playing guitar becomes so much easier!

      I’ve used this system personally to transform my guitar playing to levels I’d only imagined.

      I went from a novice to being able to play and sing 250 songs from memory. I've also learned to play increasingly complex scales, and co-wrote and recorded two albums.

      My system works for everyone, for just about any activity or goal you may have.

      Which brings us to you and your guitar journey.
      Here’s how my “whole brain” method of guitar training will
      skyrocket your playing to the next level and beyond . . .
      Introducing ...
      Whole Brain Guitar
      My guitar instruction course is called “Whole Brain Guitar”
      for one simple reason – it engages your entire brain
      to dramatically increase your ability
      to master this challenging skill
      Whole Brain Power for Guitarists is the result of more than 20 years of intense study and applied research into brain functioning, chemistry and development.

      Composed of three modules with simple, precise drills that engage certain parts of your brain, this revolutionary course will have you learning the guitar much faster than before.

      This program truly “unleashes the guitar savant within,” by taking you step by step through the same radically effective brain-enhancing exercises I’ve used and taught personally to hundreds of students.

      Here what you’ll get when you begin applying the concepts of Whole Brain Power for Guitarists, even if you only have a few minutes each day.
      • Your hands and fingers will increase their muscle density and have more dexterity, meaning you can play faster and with heavier strings if you want.
      • You’ll memorize lyrics more easily – no more starting your favorite song over because you forgot a key phrase!
      • You’ll learn how to practice more deeply, deliberately and efficiently, meaning you can practice LESS if you want and make WAY more progress. (Or you can practice the same amount and make quantum leaps forward.)
      • You’ll have that “I can’t wait to practice!” feeling because these drills flood your brain with natural, “feel-good” neuro-chemicals as dopamine and pregnenolone.
      • You’ll more easily develop your own “signature sound” because as your mastery increases your “inner artist” will emerge with confidence.
      • You’ll be able to memorize any song in a single day.
      • You’ll discover the two most common leisure activities that are “system killers” – avoid these “passive stresses” to your brain and you’ll ensure that you can learn and grow at a health rate.
      •  You’ll learn how to sing and play at the same time without struggling.
      Whole Brain Power for Guitarists is a multi-media program that will ignite all the physical and mental abilities you need to master all facets of the guitar faster than ever before.
      Here is what you get in detail:
      The Whole Brain Shortcut to Guitar Mastery (198-page ebook)
      This 198-page ebook takes all the brain research I've conducted over the past 20 years and combines it with the step-by-step guitar enhancement training techniques I've pioneered to vault your playing skill immediately.

      Demonstration Drills Video (Watch online 24/7 for life)
      In this series of short videos, I demonstrate the essential drills you’ll need to practice in order to benefit from the concepts of Whole Brain Guitar. You’ll literally be looking over my shoulder as I show you each drill you’ll be performing to maximize your guitar training – as well as some nifty shortcuts not contained in my book.
      The Whole Brain Power for Guitar Interview! (mp3 download version)
      Since Whole Brain Power is so perfect for guitarists, I decided to explain additional concepts and tips during an hour-long interview. 

      This information gives you even more exercises and ways to adapt Whole Brain Power to your guitar play.
      Here Are Two Bonus Gifts
      I'm Including in This Package
      to Maximize Your Guitar Progress . . .
      Because you have been privately invited to this page, these two bonuses are being offered on a temporary basis only. These will not be available to the general public, and they will be taken down without notice soon. Better lock in these bonuses and order now.

      BONUS No. 1
      My groundbreaking ebook, "Whole Brain Power: The Fountain of Youth for the Mind and Body"   (PDF ebook version, 304 pages)

      This is the book that started it all for me.  You’ll read my complete story, which reads like a page-turning novel at times. 

      This book also contains a clear, understandable explanation of the latest brain science that is the foundation of Whole Brain Golf, plus  you'll get specific instructions on how to implement my radically transformative three-pronged system to improving your physical and mental function so that you can play the best golf of your life (no matter what your age).

      You’ll also meet some of my most successful students: a varied group that includes everyone from professional athletes to a 91-year-old practitioner who credits my program with helping keep him young and athletic.  

      You’ll hear their stories, and you’ll be inspired by their real-world results.

      Finally, you’ll get my nutritional guidelines for maintaining proper brain health so that you will have all the energy to practice as much as you want.

      BONUS No. 2

      My 90-Day Whole Brain Power Workbook & Progress Journal" (PDF ebook version, 252 pages)

      This workbook takes my entire program and distills it into a 90-day “paint by numbers” system.

      You know what I hate?  I hate when I am given a book of powerful ideas . . . but then I’m not shown precisely how to implement them!

      I won’t let that happen to you.  In short, I created this workbook because these concepts mean nothing if you don’t put them into practice. 

      All you have to do is turn the page to Day 1 and follow the simple directions.  

      Some of my students have told me this is far more valuable than the book itself! 

      Why?  Because it’s as if I am your personal coach, taking you by the hand and telling you, “Okay, now do this.  Great.  Now do this . . .”  

      Many products like to claim they have "step by step" instructions.  This one really does!  This manual is laid out brilliantly and is a true “step-by-step” system that will chart your progress in a fun, "I-Can't-Wait-To-Do-It!" fashion.

      Having this manual is like having me as your personal coach, taking you by the hand and telling you, “Okay, now do this.  Great.  Now do this . . .”  

      Many products like to claim they have "step by step" instructions.  This one really does! 

      How much is achieving your guitar dreams worth to you?
      Look, I know that times are tough and that your time is valuable. That’s why you need to make your guitar practice as efficient as possible. If you practice the same old way and get the same old results, you’re just wasting time and money.

      Likewise, you can spend thousands of dollars on private lessons, snap up every new DVD lesson that comes along . . . but until you super-charge your learning capabilities you’ll eventually hit the “glass ceiling.” 

      Don’t let that happen to you!

      Because you have been sent to this page on a personal recommendation, I’ve put together a special deal for you.

      Although I plan to release this package to the general public at $97, I’ve decided to release a limited number of these packages for just $67.
      Warning: This $30 discount is only good for a short time. 
      Jump on this now to lock in your savings!
      Whole Brain Guitar is a multi-media program that will ignite all the physical and mental abilities you need to master one of the most difficult and rewarding instruments, guitar.
      Try It Risk-Free for ONE FULL YEAR!
      Here's My "One Year, No B.S., Better-Than-100% Guarantee"
      Let me take away all the risk for you.  Because this system is so unique and so effective for anyone who tries it, I am backing up your purchase with an unusual (some would call crazy) guarantee.

      Here’s my personal guarantee:

      Just get the materials and try them out for 365 days.  That's a full year.  The downloadable Workbook & Journal make this easy.  If you follow the system and don’t notice any real, tangible benefit to your guitar playing or any other area of your life, just let me know and I’ll refund your full purchase price – even up to a full year!

      That’s right, take up to a full year before deciding if this works for you.  I don’t want your money if my system does not work for you.

      But I know it will if you simply follow the steps laid out in the materials.
      Let Me Leave You With One Final Thought . . .

      Listen, if nothing else, remember this: Musical greatness is not born, it’s grown. And it's grown in the brain.
      Don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t “talented” or “gifted” enough to play guitar the way you’ve always wanted to.

      Brain scientists are coming to the exciting conclusion that innate talent is vastly overrated, and may even be irrelevant.

      If you look up the life stories of Jimi Hendrix, Tiger Woods and Mozart, for example, you’ll see they weren’t born as prodigies as many believe. They simply began practicing at young ages and trained their brains with repetitive focus that grew the same billions of neural connections we all have.

      My program not only does just that, it accelerates that process, meaning you’ll master previously difficult movements on the guitar with surprising ease.

      I urge you to stop accepting your current skill level and reach for more.

      P.S.  Imagine hearing, “Dude, when did you learn to play like THAT!” after strumming your favorite song or ripping that killer lick with jaw-dropping style and power.  That’s what you'll get when follow the simple steps my program.  Order now and take advantage of my Better-Than-100% Guarantee and make this the year you finally make your guitar dreams come true!
      Grab Your Copy of the Whole Brain Guitar Bundle
      Now For Only $67 - LIMITED TIME!
      365-Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!
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